Table / bench KUBI.TAB

KUBI.TAB is so far the largest two-functional furniture in the KUBI collection. Its main task is to provide an appropriate area for playing, reading, drawing etc. It is a great addition to the room of a preschooler, who gains new skills overnight.


  • two functions : bench and table
  • simple design and ease of use
  • choice of surprising colours

• darmowa dostawa                                                  


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At the beginning, TAB was supposed to be only a larger cousin of the other KUBI, furniture, the function it was supposed to have is a table which top is big enough to accommodate all the crayons and colouring books that our child may want to use at the same time.

Testing has shown that TAB has a hidden functions. KUBI.TAB can be considered as a two-functional piece of furniture; instead of giving support to books and coloring books, it proudly stands in the corridor and waits for its little owner to sit on the bench. The bench is well-suited during morning preparations of the preschooler, you can stop and change your shoes in peace and there is also a place for a teddy bear or backpack prepared the day before.

Select Your colour

Kubi’s furniture is characterized not only by a simple form but also by variety of colours, they will suit into any interior. Also KUBI. TAB as a double-functional furniture can be decorated with 10 different colours, both pastel and intense. Choose colours matching the style, compose a set of furniture matching in every inch.


Material: Birch plywood

Age of the child: 2 – 7 lat

Bench capacity: 25 kg

Colour:Choose between 10 shades

Assembly:No assembly required

Delivery time: 10-15 working days



  • Meets the requirements of the EN 13986 E1 E1 standard with low formaldehyde emission
  • FSC and PEFC certification
  • Compliance with the EUTR requirements
  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001 and Quality Environment System – ISO 14001


  • Hygienic certificate (kindergartens, nursery)
  • Recommendation of the Polish Society of Allergology


Heigh: 45cm

Width: 84cm

Depth: 45cm

Seating heigh: 23cm

Table height: 44cm


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