KUBI.KUK 1200 custom colors

KUBI.KUK This furniture is typically educational, it is a kitchen helper. It helps a toddler to climb to the top, and on this top it ensures child’s safety while playing together with parent in the kitchen.


  • kitchen helper, learning tower
  • simple design and ease of use
  • choice of any RAL and NCS color

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KUBI.KUK is a piece of furniture that is a Montessori kitchen helper. Unlike other furniture from the KUBIcollection, its favorite place is in the kitchen.

Once the child learns to stand steadily, he or she can start helping us with our daily activities. The height of the kitchen assistant has been adapted to the most common furniture. Having the possibility of adjusting the level of the step and the platform it is possible to use the kitchen helper for many years. For this piece of furniture both children and parents have many names like kitchen helper, a tower – we called it KUK furniture which teaches children independence, allows for incredible development, gives joy to both the child and the parent to work together. It also protects the child from falling, and gives the parent the opportunity to work freely. Who knows, maybe playing KUBI.KUK will develop your child’s culinary passion.

(colour Denim)

Select Your colour

Kubi’s furniture is characterized not only by a simple form but also by variety of colours, they will suit into any interior. You can choose from 9 colours; the kitchen helper can become a piece of furniture that suits your kitchen or might stand out from other furniture i.e. become a clear accent on the background of your kitchen cabinets.In addition, we have prepared our 1200 colors palette for you, you can also choose a color from the RAL and NCS palette. Write to us and we will definitely choose the right color.


Material: Birch plywood

Age of the child: 1 – 6 lat

Capacity: 50 kg

Colour: Choose between 9 shades

Assembly: Self assembly

Delivery time: 10-15 working days



  • Meets the requirements of the EN 13986 E1 standard with low formaldehyde emission
  • FSC and PEFC certification
  • Compliance with the EUTR requirements
  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001 and Quality Environment System – ISO 14001


  • Hygienic certificate (kindergartens, nur sery)
  • Recommendation of the Polish Society of Allergology


Height: 87,5cm

Width: 38cm

Max depth: 50,5cm

Platform height: 28,5cm / 37cm / 47cm

Step height: 17cm / 28,5cm


Additional safety bar: It is possible to order an additional safety bar for the smallest children (included in the price). It is screwed 15 cm below the standard version of the bar. When the child grows up, it can be unscrewed to allow free access to the platform. Please include information about an additional bar in the order notes.

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