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Discover an innovative online store with Montessori furniture.

The method developed years ago by Maria Montessori is becoming more and more popular also in whole Europe, and more and more parents decide to raise their children in accordance with this individualized approach. This allows them to focus on developing yours children’s independence and responsibility, as well as building their self-confidence. Our company – Smating also strongly believe that this metod teaches practice and that’s why we want to support parents to follow its rules. That is why we have created a store with Montessori furniture for your children, where products designed with the individual needs of children in mind are presented. In Smating you will find wide range of products, such as: educational chairs, tables, bookcases, shelves, toy storage boxes, as well as accessories for exercise and play. Explore our offer and find the products that best suit your child’s needs!

Smating equals hand-made Polish wooden furniture.

In our offer we mainly included Montessori furniture, which can be used by children in different rooms of a house (You can tailor our furniture to any interior) This category includes products such as: chairs, tables and stools, which are perfect for your child’s room, but not only children’s room (smating furniture perfectly suit also the living room or garden). Our online furniture store also has products dedicated to specific rooms, and their main representative is the for sure reliable kitchen helper. As the name suggests, this piece of furniture was created with the kitchen in mind, it enables your child to help you with household from early age. The tower protects your child from falling, and also gives a great opportunity to develop culinary skills. What is very important – the kitchen helper is adjustable, so it can grow with your child till she/he becomes independent.

The Montessori method equals furniture tailored to the needs of your child.

We care for the safety of our products not only during design process, but also when choosing the raw materials used for the production of final goods. We make sure that all components that are part of a final product have appropriate approvals and certificates, granted in Poland and in the European Union. As a parent, you can be 100% sure that both the plywood and coatings are completely safe for your child.

Each piece of the Montessori furniture that we create in the Smating studio is unique. We do not conduct mass production, and all articles are hand-made with precision and attention to the smallest details. Safety and high functionality of Montessori wooden furniture are not the only elements that we care about when designing our products. We also value their aesthetics! That is why we produce Montessori children’s furniture in ten beautiful colors that can tailor to any interior in Your house. Of course, it is possible to personalize the color of furniture to order, our customers can use a palette that includes over 1,200 unique colors.

Contact us if you want to find out more about our Montessori furniture. It will be a pleasure to answer any questions you may have. In addition our company can share with You care tips – so that each piece of Smating furniture can serve their purpose for many years.